What is 801South?

In the spring of 2013, the leadership of Matthews United Methodist Church took a big step forward toward a vision that God had spoken over them. This vision included creating a new environment that would seek to do and be the church differently for the purpose of reaching a specific demographic with the message of Jesus.

Through a series of relationships, God led Pastor Stephen to join the Matthews UMC staff in the summer of 2013 and oversee this new venue. In collaboration with Brian Zehr of Intentional Impact  and through resources provided by foundations and grants from within the United Methodist denomination, 801South was born.

Prior to the launch of a large group worship experience, the 801South launch team and small groups began meeting in homes and neighborhood clubhouses to seek God’s direction during the fall of 2013.  The worship experience then launched in April of 2014.

Through this innovative effort, 801South has seen people come to faith in Jesus Christ for the first time and others return to a life of faith. There is no doubt that God has been at work through the environments of 801South and the people of 801South are believing in Him to continue to change lives as more people are invited into the story of Jesus.


801South seeks to exhibit four key values; which act as filters for how decisions are made to serve the mission.

Life is about people. People are about relationships. 801South connects people to new relationships and create intentional community through small groups. 801South reaches out to our surrounding community.

801South develops competency and character in new leaders through apprenticing. Leaders grow leaders.

801South fights the natural trend toward complexity. 801South creates and recreates simple processes through which people serve and are served.

801South likes to have fun and facilitate opportunities for people share in the fun. Fun over time creates connection and facilitates community.

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